Turkey Hunting in Arkansas

Turkey Hunting in Arkansas

Hey everyone, this is Chris Rich again, your Marsh Mutt Pro Staffer from Arkansas. With Spring on the way, turkey season is here. Turkey hunting runs deep in Arkansas, truly in the blood of most Arkansan’s. Guys here are listening every morning just waiting on season to open.  In the northern part of the state we have the Ozark Mountains. The Ozark’s contain some rough terrain making it a tough hike to hunt. Then towards the middle of the state with have the Ouachita Mountains. The Ouachita Mountains have a lot of National land that is free to the public to hunt. The Ouachita Mountains also have a lot of WMA land that is great for turkey hunting. Turkey-on-grass

Arkansas has a lot of WMA’s that are great for all kinds of hunting including turkey hunting. Where I live, more in the southern part of the state, it is more flat.  We do have a lot of turkeys in our area, as well as up in the mountains. There seems to be some really good numbers harvested in our state. Even though when it comes to turkey hunting most hunters keep it a secret where they are hearing turkeys. Most guys do a lot of traveling from state to state to be able to kill more birds. I wasn’t raised in a turkey hunting family but my father-in-law is a huge turkey hunter. Lots of money is spent in the right shotgun that might have been sent to have custom work done to it so it will pattern correctly. I am a huge fan of Patternmaster choke tubes, they always seem to get the job done for me. Finding the right shells that match your tube and gun is also the key. You need to be willing to do some experimenting with different loads to get the best pattern. Then you have to have the right camo as well as a good vest and a good call. When it comes to calls it just depends on which one you; prefer box, slate, or diaphragm calls. A really good decoy is also a helpful key to a good hunt. Good luck everyone one with this turkey season right around the corner.

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If y’all get a chance, come visit our beautiful state and take advantage of or great locations to hunt. Like always, don’t forget to get all of your hunting supplies from Marsh Mutt where you will experience the best customer service and selection around!

So keep us in mind if you are turkey hunting in arkansas

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