Turkey Hunting in the Rain

Turkey Hunting in the rain can be difficult, but on an upside it can definitely help equalize the playing field for turkey hunters! Turkeys mainly use sight and hearing to help defend against predators and/or hunters. When it is raining with windy conditions these keen senses are diminished, allowing the hunter to key in on these weakness’s.

Turkey Hunting in the rain

The following are 5 great tips for turkey hunting in the rain!

1) Dress for the occasion. Nothing is worse than being unprepared, and in the event of rainy days it can really ruin a hunt. When the wind and rain start to fly make sure to have warm/dry cloths on under rain gear. This will allow you much more time to chase birds!

2) Make sure that you have your decoy primed for use. This is a must weather raining or not, because it will definitely help you draw in birds! If your looking for the best TURKEY DECOYS in the market, definitely look at our selection.

3) Keep to the pastures! Mists or light rains won’t affect the natural patterns of turkey’s, so continue with your regular hunting plans. Only heavy rains will have them scooting for cover.

4) Keep on the call. Remember that the natural senses of the turkey are diminished, so you should use more volume than you normally do. Don’t be shy, remember you want them to come into you. MARSH MUTT CALL SELECTION

5) KEEP YOUR EYE OUT!! If the turkey’s can’t see or hear you, then you will also have more difficulty seeing or hearing them. Keep your head on a swivel, and remember to listen for their subtle calls in the rain!

We at Marsh Mutt hope you get a chant to hunt turkey’s in the rain, even is you don’t kill one at least your still hunting! Don’t forget to check out our store front!

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