Turkey Hunting Tips

Check Out Marsh Mutt’s Turkey Hunting Tips Before Your Next Hunt

If chasing the North American Wild Turkey is your passion, then you realize filling your tag is no small task.  The more knowledge you have, the better off your chances are at bagging this elusive bird.  Our list of turkey hunting tips will definitely help you out this spring.
  •  Be sure to spend some time scouting in the area you plan on hunting evening before opening day. If you pay close attention you just might be able to locate their roosting areas by listening for their infamous cackle as they fly up to their roosting spot. This tends to happen just before dusk.  This will also give you a better idea of where to set up the next morning.
  • Wild-Turkey One of the most important tips for turkey hunting has be the use of top-of-the-line camo. Turkeys have binocular vision, so it is important to spend time dressing the part from head to toe. And, don’t forget your face mask. Too often beginner hunters ruin their hunt because they are not properly prepared.
  • Always use the cover of darkness when hunting the morning so you can get yourself set in the perfect position without massively disturbing the environment. This will increase your success rate on morning hunts.
  • Turkey decoys can lend the hunter a powerful advantage. They distract the wild turkey from locating the caller, while helping bring the turkey into a clear shooting lane when placed properly. Just remember that you want to keep as mobile as possible, to go to the birds when need be.
  • Take a youth hunter with you.  As we move forward into this sport it is important to remember to pass on these fine traditions to the next generation. The number of young hunters continues to decline, many say is largely due to the advances in technology and the negative publicity of guns. It is our responsibility to teach the younger generation about the importance and safety of the sport in order to keep it alive. Not to mention, watching a young turkey hunter’s face as the hunt takes place will definitely put a smile on yours! For more information about getting today’s youth more involved in turkey hunting, visit the National Wild Turkey Federation.
  • Most importantly, be sure to check with the DNR of whichever state you will be hunting in to be sure you have all of the necessary turkey hunting licenses and/or permits.

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We at Marsh Mutt surely hope these tips for your next turkey hunt help you become more successful in the field.  And as with any all hunting seasons, your hunt will defined based up the quality of your gear. For the finest turkey hunting supplies on the market, check out MarshMutt.com. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook to take advantage of exclusive offers.