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Being from North Carolina, I am pretty fortunate to be able to fish a variety of different species from freshwater trout up in the mountain streams of Western Carolina all the way down to the salty water of Morehead chasing that bull dolphin. Growing up in the out skirts of a coastal community, I grew up taking trips to Bogue Inlet, pier fishing for whatever was biting, or standing on the banks of a small pond with my Zebco casting away reeling bass and bream like it was my job. My Dad and Granddad taught me how to make a Carolina Rig along with loads of other rigs and knots for whatever I was fishing for.

Carolina Rig

One of My Favorite Fishing Memories

One of my fondest fishing memories is when a few friends and me went fishing off of Shackleford banks in Morehead city, NC. It was one of the prettiest fishing days I have ever seen, so we trolled out to one of the mile markers and anchored out. We were there all of twenty minutes when my rod took a nosedive toward the water and reel went screaming. I grabbed the rod and set the hook and the fight began, it felt like I was pulling an anchor out of the water with a cane pole until I finally had it on top of the water. It was a flounder that looked like a doormat on your front porch.

It weighed over five pounds and it was also my first citation flounder I ever caught, and I caught it on my favorite rig to make for any type of fishing. The rig I speak of, is the Carolina rig, which is what I will be explaining how to make. What you will need to start is some fishing line, fishing hooks, swivels, bullet weights, and a pair of scissors. First take about an arms length of Suffix Pro mix line, and depending on what you’re fishing take a Tru Turn worm hook for bass, or a Daiichi circle hook for salt water fishing. Next tie a knot on the hook and then go a few inches and tie a swivel to the line. Above the swivel take a bullet weight worm sinker, or a bullet weight egg sinker, again depending where you are fishing for each weight.  Then, you are done! You just made a Carolina rig for your next fishing adventure.

Tips for Your Next Fishing Trip

A few extra fishing tips when heading out to the water, always obey all fishing regulations, and always use circle hooks when salt water fishing for easy catch and release.

carolina rig 2

Good luck, tight lines, and take a kid fishing,

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Tyler Tyndall, Pro Staff Marsh Mutt

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