Whats in your blind bag? The Duck Hunting Essentials

Its time to start filling our blind bags, and making sure that we don’t forget the essentials that can make or break a wonderful hunt!   This task gives hunters a sense of pride, as we all think we know the best content combination for our blind bags! Below is my personal list of what I fill it with:

1) Hunting License:  If I leave it in there I will always have it with me

2) Box of Non Toxic Shot: Of course I switch out depending the size depending on what Im hunting

3) Duck Call Lanyard: Including Duck and Goose Calls

4) Spare Gloves: Never know when a pair will get wet

5) Spare Hat

6) Bottle of Water

7) Snack:  My preference is Kipper Snacks

8) Compass

9) Zip Tie’s:  To help match the natural vegetation of the surrounds on my blind

10) Dog Treats: Can’t forget my buddy

It is always better to be prepared than to suffer the regret of leaving something behind!


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