Zink Calls for Sale Braidwood Illinois

Zink Calls are quickly becoming the call of choice by hunters in the Braidwood Illinois area, and we are proud to offer a huge selection of them. We all know how important it is to have the highest quality hunting gear in heavily pressured area’s like Braidwood. That is why following trends of waterfowl hunters nation wide has been such a passion at Marsh Mutt, and we have noticed a steady growth in sales of calls by Fred Zink in the braidwood area for quite a while.

Zink Calls

If your looking for top quality Duck Call’s or Goose call’s, Zink Calls has exactly what you are looking for! And don’t forget his full line of waterfowl decoys, which are made to be some of the most realistic in the industry!

Reviews of the Zink Calls Call of Death have lead us to believe it has the depth of tone to pull in even the toughest traffic running geese. This theory has been proven by our pro staff from numerous different states such as: CA, PA, IL, IN, and TX

We have also heard very good things about the Zink Calls ATM. This duck call is said to have a pure duck tone, with a raspy overture. From the competition stage to the duck blind, even beginners are said to be able to hand this beauty.

Fred Zink has put a ton of his life into the growth of Zink Calls as a company. He has surrounded himself with great people, and a very knowledgeable staff! It is without a doubt this great circle of people that have helped produce one of the greatest calls on the market today.

We have one of the largest selections of gear in the Waterfowl Hunting industry. Don’t forget to check out our online store!