Zink PH2 Double Reed Call is Definitely Worth Checking Out

Howdy friends,

I will most often blog about my hunting season, tell stories, or do product reviews. They all seem to mix together pretty good.

My friend Joe and I were hunting a place one time and having a fair shoot. Another fella came over and said hello. Well we had heard him call ducks down the marsh a ways and knew he was pretty good. He had limited out and asked if we wanted him to call in a flock as we still had a ways to go to limit. I was ok with that, so was Joe.

After a bit a new flock came swinging over and our caller sweet-talked 20 mallards into our spread. We stood up to shoot, unloaded our guns, and didn’t even cut a feather. It was embarrassing at the time but now we laugh about it. Everyone misses for no reason and also connects on shots they shouldn’t be taking. Its just part of the game, but I can honestly say we both blew a chance that came on a silver platter that day.

When we were all finished I asked him what call he was using as it sounded very ducky. Turns out he had a Zink-Calls-Power-Hen-PH2-Double-Reed-CustomZink PH2 double reed call. I know its really in vogue right now to act like single reeds are the only way to kill ducks, but I saw different on that day.

So as time passed I practiced my duck calling and sounded better and wanted to keep progressing. I got one of these PH-2‘s from Marsh Mutt and started blowing it in the house, much to the wife’s displeasure. The call came with a nicely made DVD that had some good calling advice and hunting footage.

The call is nicely made, small, and compact. I put my call through its paces and it performed very well. It has a good sound range and produces a pure raspy sound, just like a hen mallard. This particular call is geared towards the intermediate to advanced caller that wants a mid range call with the ability to make softer finishing quacks and chuckles. The call would easily work in the timber or for a field hunter as it has a good medium range. Over all I was very pleased with both the look of the call and the way it sounded and performed. This is a great low end/mid range call.

If you are looking for a call to “talk” ducks in, this might be the one. Its not an open water call, but does have good range and will get down low for finishing ducks.

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